The home textiles are sourced from our partners, social firm De Lokatie. In their warehouse in Amsterdam they receive 400 kg of discarded textiles every day. From these we carefully select and rescue the most beautiful textiles to save them from going to waste.


After we have cleaned the materials are cleaned, we try to bring all beautiful techniques back to their original state. This can be achieved by recovering embroidery work, requilting areas of the textiles or sometimes patchworking different pieces together. Other solutions can be smart patterning: when only a small area of the material is damaged, we can adjust the patterns or pattern positions to still be able to use the material instead of it going to waste.


Each design starts from the material by questioning which silhouette will serve and bring the material back to life the most. The inspiration for these shapes comes from the outfits on the streets of Amsterdam, preferably in the outside neighborhoods where different cultures and streetwear come together. The unique mix of streetwear and fabrics comes as no surprise since the designer, Luca Kemkes, specialized in textiles during her studies. She previously showed her love for streetwear by working for brands such as Freshcotton. 


All garments are locally made at Atelier MADE HERE in Amsterdam. This atelier changes the full narrative of the manufacturing industry by making made to order timeless styles for her brand partners and by being a social tailors cooperative, where the workers are paid fairly. Atelier MADE HERE brings the art of making garments back to the Netherlands, reducing the ecological footprint of the fashion industry and enhancing the appreciation for craftsmanship. They create clothes to love knowing that loved clothes last.