Blog: Baskèts x Kemkes

KEMKES partnered up with Baskèts to create a new collection with one-of-a-kind items, each made from carefully selected vintage rugs. The pieces are easily identified by the colors and artwork that embrace the warm feel of the Noordermarkt.

With the streets of Amsterdam as our main source of inspiration and the Noordermarkt as one of our favorite Amsterdam hotspots, the Baskets x KEMKES collection upcycles vintage materials found on the market. KEMKES: ''We are actively working on sustainability and breaking the fast fashion cycle by producing exclusively in Amsterdam. The locally produced materials have been processed into garments by permit holders in Atelier MADE HERE in Amsterdam. With the main focus on reducing the environmental footprint of the fashion industry and increasing the appreciation for authentic craftsmanship while creating timeless streetwear styles".

Luca Kemkes, the founder and designer was inspired by outfits on the street where different cultures and streetwear come together. Creating a limited edition Baskèts x KEMKES collection made of bold colours, prints and artwork in unique bags, bodywarmers, hoodies, T-shirts and bandanas. All items are provided with a specially woven label that highlights the Baskèts x KEMKES partnership. Each bag and bandana is uniquely made with eye-catching prints and artwork. The KEMKES bodywarmer is reversible and is made from a recycled fabric mix. Both the hoodie and t-shirts feature a cross-stitched grape embroidery on the chest, while offering a loose and relaxed fit.

The collection shows that working sustainably doesn’t have to be difficult, it can make a positive difference while expressing your unique sense of style. The limited-edition Baskèts x KEMKES pieces are available in the Baskèts shops and on their website